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The restaurant is located in the area of Porta Capena park, commonly called “archaeological trail” for the vicinity of such great vestiges of ancient Rome civilization as the Circo Massimo, the Palatine Hill, the Settizodio, a part of the Appian Way inside the Aurelian Walls with its many famous and important tombs, and Caracalla’s baths. The thermal building plant, quite large-sized, was built by order of Settimio Severo and was completed during the age of his son and successor Marco Aurelio Antonino, known as Caracalla, between 206 and 216 A.D. We can well presume that the ancient baths were wonderful, with their polychromatic marbles, mosaic floorings, gymnasiums, changing-rooms, rooms for entertaining people with music, reading activities, shows, as well as spaces where to meet each other and to banquet…



5 Ottobre 2019



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